Winter Horror

The end of the Christmas season can be a bit depressing. It all starts with the beginning of fall and the anticipation of all the holidays to come. But once the ball has dropped and we've entered a new year, it's all over and there's not much to look forward to for awhile. My winter list is a set of films to match your desolate mood and remind you that you actually might not have it so bad, afterall.


Rated: R • Category: Suspense • Audience: Everyone
Being in a horrific car crash is bad enough, but when the person who saves your life also happens to be an obsessive schizophrenic, things are bound to get ugly. The horror in this film is brought to you by Annie Wilkes, a well-seeming nurse who personifies the fickle nature of harsh winter. Sometimes she's cruel, sometimes she's forgiving, and sometimes she breaks your legs.

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Let The Right One In

Rated: R • Category: Foreign • Audience: Horror Fans
Let The Right One In is a weird little vampire movie about love, friendship, revenge and sacrifice. It's stark and beautiful, and perfectly captures the fears and struggles of childhood. It's unlike anything else I've ever seen, and you should just take my word on that and watch it for yourself. 



Rated: R • Category: Suspense • Audience: Everyone
Three friends go on a weekend ski trip - what's the worst that can happen? Apparently getting stranded on a ski lift and eaten by wolves isn't outside the realm of possibility. I'm not a huge fan of Adam Green's work (although I am a fan of Adam Green the person), but I love Frozen. It's a simple, terrifying concept executed very well. 


The Grey

Rated: R • Category: Action/Survival • Audience: Everyone
Much like Frozen, The Grey takes an ordinary situation and turns it into a fight for survival. The trailers for this movie largely make it look like a huge Taken style action/adventure, which it is not. It does have it's big spectacular moments, but it's slower paced and more bleak than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise. Grab a bowl of popcorn and watch this one with a group. Especially if that group has been subjected to an endless parade of sappy Hallmark holiday romances. 


The Thing

Rated: R • Category: New Classic • Audience: Everyone
Well, what can I really say about The Thing that hasn't already been said? It's one of my favorite movies of all time, during any and all seasons. I enjoy watching it in the winter the most simply because of the isolated arctic landscape. It's a fantastic monster movie, but also deals with deeper issues like the fragility of mankind and what makes us human. The story, the score, the special effects and the ambiguous ending all add up to make it a modern masterpiece. If you only watch one horror movie this winter, it has to be The Thing.

Favorite Scene: The blood test.